Compost facility opponents ‘surprised’ Summerland mayor resurrects rejected proposal

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Opponents thought it was a victory.

A controversial regional composting facility near the Summerland landfill, proposed by the regional district of Okanagan-Similkameen, was tossed out in a 6-1 council vote last month.

But Summerland Mayor Peter Waterman has invoked special power under the community charter to bring the matter back before council on Tuesday night.

“This is the only time up until now in my term that I’ve invoked the power of the mayor to do this, so it’s an exceptional thing,” he said.

Summerland says no to biosolid compost site

It’s a move Waterman doesn’t take lightly. He said he felt it was necessary for council to make an informed decision about the future of the facility.

“I felt that in doing that motion we had denied council the process to discuss, to have more information, and for the public to fully understand both pros and cons.”

Opponents are taken aback by the proposal’s resurrection.


“At six to one it seems to me that council made its mind up, so I’m very surprised,” said resident David Smith.

“There is no new information, there is no reason to bring it,” added resident Grant Thompson.  “He’s just embarrassing himself, he’s embarrassing council, he’s embarrassing town.”

The composting facility would mean increased truck traffic on Princeton Summerland Road.

“It passes through a retail zone, residential zone, past two schools,” Thompson said.

Summerland rejects regional district’s proposed biosolid compost facility at its landfill.

Opponent Mary Jane Laviolette is concerned about odour.

“There is also going to be large quantities of very smelly material composted at this site.”

Smith is worried about the impact on water quality.

“Just beyond the hill that you can’t quite see is our water reservoir,” he said.

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen declined to comment but it said on its website that the regional district would take measures to mitigate odour and that the composting facility would not impact the town’s drinking water source.

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