Rescued kitten thinks she’s an Edmonton Oiler

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A kitten named Bella is so interested in the Edmonton Oilers, she’s been trying to help the team pass the puck through the TV.

Juno Croutze adopted Bella from the Edmonton Humane Society when she was 12 weeks old and quickly introduced her to her favourite team.

“As soon as hockey season started, I turned on the game one day and she just jumped on the TV stand, just jumping all over the screen, chasing the puck and the Oilers. Just going crazy over it.”



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    At first, Croutze wanted to bench the kitten.

    “I was a little worried she was going to scratch the TV screen. I was like, ‘No!’ But then I realized she was trying to get the puck so I started videotaping her.”

    Since then, the only team little Bella wants to play for is the Oilers, and hockey is clearly her go-to sport.

    “She doesn’t do it to any other sports. No football, no tennis, no golf,” Croutze explained.

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    Bella played through the playoffs last season, helping the Oilers make it to the second round.

    “Summer came by and went and I thought she’d forget, and then as soon as the first game came with the Oilers, she was up there.”

    Croutze estimates Bella plays for about three quarters of each game, getting a real work out.

    “Sometimes I’m like, ‘I can’t see the players.’ Because she’s getting bigger, right?”

    As for her personality off-ice?

    “She’s still a kitten so she’s quite a spaz,” Croutze laughed. “She’s got a good character on her. She’s pretty wacky but still kind of affectionate.”

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