School bus driver in Georgia saves students moments before vehicles burst into flames

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Newly released video shows a school bus driver in Georgia telling students to get off the vehicle moments before it burst into flames.

Shuronda Crawford-Richardson was almost done dropping off the remaining students on her bus on Nov. 10 when a pickup truck plowed into the side of her vehicle.

“When [the driver] hit the bus, it was hard,” Crawford-Richardson told CBS affiliate, WGCL.


According to WGCL, two cars nearby had collided and sent the truck slamming into the side of her bus.

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Surveillance video shows the impact the crash had on the vehicle, with one student flying into another.

Moments later, Crawford-Richardson is seen looking out the window at the pickup truck and realizing it was on fire.

“We’ve got to exit the bus, come on, come on, the bus is on fire,” Crawford-Richardson told the middle school children in the video.

It only took a few minutes before the entire bus was engulfed in flames.

“Teach your kids that the rules, they need to be followed,” said Crawford-Richardson to WGCL about the incident. “Because in an event like that, you don’t have a lot of time to work with. You can only go off of what you taught them.”

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According to WGCL, Good Samaritans helped to rescue the driver of the pickup truck before the flames took over.

His condition is unknown.

As for Crawford-Richardson, she said she doesn’t consider her actions heroic.

“I’m not a hero, the [students] are the heroes, honestly. They listened, they did what they’re supposed to do.”

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