UPDATE: Cops say Kelowna rollover driver was drunk

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UPDATE: Kelowna RCMP believe they know why a motorist lost control of his vehicle last night before crashing it at the intersection of Sexsmith Road and Valley Road in Glenmore.

The crash happened at around 6 p.m. Tuesday when the driver lost control of his Toyota pick-up truck and rolled the vehicle after hitting some rocks. Witnesses told police that they saw the vehicle swerving before the crash.

RCMP say the 31 year-old driver was allegedly impaired by alcohol.


A bag of, what appeared to be marijuana, was also found in the vehicle.

The driver was taken to hospital and later released.

Original story:

Witnesses tell Global News a pick-up truck was swerving all over Sexsmith Road in Kelowna before losing control and rolling several times.

Cari Lwowski said witnessing the crash was frightening and believes it’s incredible the driver and his dog walked away from the wreck.

“I was on my way home and he was in front of me and he was driving erratically,” Lwowski told Global News. “I just knew he was going to hit someone.”

Lwowski was having her son take down the pick-up’s licence number when she saw it lose control and then roll side to side and front to back several times before coming to rest next to a residential fence near Valley Road.

“I’m surprised he’s alive. He was going pretty fast.”

Lwowski said the man, about 30-years-old, was unconscious in the drivers seat for several minutes and had struck the windshield with his head.

The man’s dog was scared, but looked to be unharmed.

When the driver regained consciousness, Lwowski said he told her he could not feel his face.

While she didn’t smell alcohol in the cab of the truck, she believed the driver was impaired. Lwowski said a bag of what looked to be marijuana fell out of the truck when she opened the door to assist him.

“The paramedics went over and helped him out. And the the minute he got out he said he wasn’t driving,” Lwowski said. “He was very adamant that he was not driving the car but he walked to the ambulance.”

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